How It WOrks?

Data management and nominated contact

Your information remains private

Your information remains private, All the information loaded under your account is securely stored, You can, however, nominate a contact, loved one, or next of kin should you want any chosen content shared with them in the event of your passing or incapacity.

How is information released?

Your nominated contact, loved one, or next of kin is notified of your subscription as soon as you sign up. They will need to provide us with a death certificate for authentication by our team. Only after this process has been cleared, and verified, will access to the specified documents be released to the nominated persons

Your admin is taken care of

In this time of need, your loved ones will be provided with all the critical information you have loaded and selected to share

*All your contact and personal information, is encrypted and securely stored. You nominate which party receives what information. You may nominate more than one contact for specified information

Simply select a package and get started.

We offer affordable and scale-able packages designed for individuals or businesses.

Our platform makes managing your personal documentation simple.

Typical documents include insurance policies, last will and testament, assets and liabilities etc. We use trusted, secure end to end encryption to secure your documents.


Nominate a contact

Nominate a selected contact should anything happen to you.

Eg. Next of Kin, Spouse, Executor etc. The Nominated contact will receive information via our platform notifying them of your selection as well as regular updates to ensure the accessibility of your data is maintained.